Zero licenses after restarting the license server

Continuing the discussion from Auto restart License Server on OSX:

@lukasc We will need a bit more information to understand why this is happening. Please provide the following:

  • Is the license manager running? In particular, do you see the FlexNet dashboard when you open this link: http://localhost:8095 If so, please provide a screenshot. I’m interested to know if the ‘LUMERICL’ vendor daemon is running, and if you see the ‘start’ feature.
  • Does restarting the computer fix the problem?
    – If not, what is the status of your license as shown in the ‘Lumerical Activation Utility’?

License manager is running and shows the following:

Restarting the computer fixes it.

Sometimes running the “sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.lumerical.flexlm.plist; sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.lumerical.flexlm.plist” fixes it, and gives the correct result:

Thanks for the screenshots. Unfortunately I’m not sure exactly how to interpret them. Your first screenshot shows the license manager is running (ie. you can see the dashboard). It also shows that the LUMERICL vendor daemon is running, since you see the ‘start’ license. I didn’t expect the daemon to be running.

Next time the error occurs, please try the following. In the Administration view, select ‘Vendor Daemon Configuration’, select the ‘Administration’ option and then select the ‘Re-read License Files’ option. See the screenshots below for details. Does this fix the problem?