” Your activation request was denied for the following reason: 7189 ”



In contrast to the error received when trying to activate a Node-Lock license using the Lumerical FlexNet License Manager utility discussed here, attempting to activate a Floating license using the product Configure license utility will result in the error message below.

Floating licenses can be activated using the FlexNet License Manager utility, as outlined in the instructions of the Knowledge Base:

For additional information on the Floating Trusted storage and Lumerical FlexNet license manager, please see:

"Your activation request was denied for the following reason: 7131"


Are you running the latest version of Lumerical software. I ran into trouble with License manager issues recently and they disappeared once I installed the latest version.



@vivek brings up a good point, also noted under this post; product releases as of 2016a has the updated license configuration utility allowing for access to both node lock and floating licenses.

The FlexNet License Manager utility v1.2.0+ is required for activating and serving floating licenses. As of the 2016a release, FlexNet LM v1.5.x and v1.6.x are available for the supported OS platforms.