"Your activation request was denied for the following reason: 7131"



The 2016A product releases include some significant updates to the licensing technology, in order to accommodate the new node-locked license offering. Node locked licenses bypass the need to install an external license manager application. There are now two commonly issued license models, floating and node locked, each with their own method of activating.

Activating a node locked license using the Lumerical FlexNet License Manager utility will result in an error message similar to that below:
(Note: For floating license activation resulting in error code 7189, please refer to this link)

Activating a node locked license can now be processed using the product license configuration utility, without the need for a separate license manager.
Windows: Start -> All Programs -> Lumerical->PRODUCT_NAME -> Configure PRODUCT license

Notice there are two tabs, labelled Floating and Node Locked. Ensure the Node Locked tab is selected, and enter in your license activation code to activate.

Floating licenses can be activated using the FlexNet License Manager utility, as outlined in the instructions of the Knowledge Base:

For additional information on the product and FlexNet License Manager installation, please see:

” Your activation request was denied for the following reason: 7189 ”

I am getting the same error but I am not getting the same window for FDTD Solutions - Configure License in case of linux system. There is no node locked tab there. what to do in this case?


Hello @saketwan. Currently, node-lock licenses are issued for product trials on Windows and Mac OSX platforms. Linux users will require a Floating license. The licenses are automatically issued based on the evaluation version selected for download from the Lumerical Download Center. Please verify that you have a Floating license, and feel free to send us an email with your license details, if we should need to update your license or troubleshoot further. Thank you.