Y waveguide coupler

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I have done a very simple circuit to understand the Y waveguide, in the file call Y waveguide and the figure with the same name, the optical spectra that corresponds to the OSA 1 and the OSA 2 are wider than those corresponding to the optical spectra OSA 3 and OSA4. Is it because for the two firsts the Y waveguide is operating in a bidirectional configuration while in the other is operating as splitter or combiner as appropriate? Is there any feedback when it works in bidirectional configuration?

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Y Waveguide.icp (1.8 MB)

Hi @Anna,

The difference in the power spectrum is actually due to the the noise seed of the CW Laser sources.

Both laser sources have the “automatic seed” set to “true”; so INTERCONNECT assign automatic (and different) noise seeds to the two laser sources. Thus the two laser sources have slightly different power spectrum. If you set the same noise seed to the laser sources, the power spectrum at the end will be the same, like shown in the following figure:

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