Writing Scripts in Lumerical to Obtain Certain Plots Relating to Dipole Sources

Dear Lumerical Community,

I am seeking to learn how to write scripts within the software to output the following data:

Power vs. Frequency
Power vs. Wavelength
Conductivity vs. Frequency

I am wondering if there are preexisting scripts that will do this, but have been unsuccessful in my efforts to find them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, and I thoroughly appreciate the previous support I have received from Lumerical personnel. Thank you again.

  • Matt


We have some existing script commands that returns the power radiated by a dipole source, ie sourcepower and dipolepower, also mentioned in this post. The links should take you to the KB articles that tell you the differences between the two commands. The children of the dipole source KB page has some more tutorial about the usage of the two functions.

For conductivity, I was not quite sure what you are trying to refer to. Can you elaborate it a little more.