With a AR coating , the reflection of the material increases whereas the reflection should decrease!



I wanted to measure the reflection and transmission of a material. I tried to put an Anti-Reflection coating above and it turns out that the reflection increases. Why is that happening?

ZnO_Thin_Film_Optical_Properties.fsp (1008.8 KB)



Hi @sbs019,
I increased the thickness of Sio2 layer to cross the PML layer.
The file was uploaded.
ZnO_Thin_Film_Optical_Properties.fsp (333.4 KB)
Please let me know if you still have questions.
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Thanks @m.dezyani for your response.

@sbs019: Can you please elaborate on your inquiry? Why do you expect the reflection to decrease? Maybe you can share references that supports your claim.



Hi ,

Thank you for your answer. I am attaching the reflection and transmission that I am getting. How did you manage to have a positive value of transmission?

Thank you in advance.



I was talking about an anti-reflection coating (AR). I think if I put on a anti-reflection coating on top of a ZnO material, isn’t it supposed to reduce the reflection. In this case, the reflection of the system seems to increase.


Hi @sbs019

In the visualizer select “-Re” for the scalar operation:

In your original file, the substrate does not go through PML which will cause reflection in the interface of SiO2
and air. Other than that simulation setup is reasonable and results are reliable. Please see my modified simulation file:
ZnO_Thin_Film_Optical_Properties_BK.fsp (318.4 KB)

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