why Si3N4 is not in materials list of FDTD?


I am using FDTD and DEVICE (vesrsion 2016 MAC). I have Si3N4 in materials list in DEVICE but I don’t have it in FDTD materials list. How can I add it to materials data base in FDTD?


Hi @heejae86,

You can set the optical material properties using n, k material or sampled data material method in FDTD Solutions. The refractive index data for the silicon nitride can be easily downloaded in the following webpage: http://refractiveindex.info/?shelf=main&book=Si3N4&page=Philipp. For more information you can consult following pages:
Is it possible to define complex refractive index?
FDTD Solutions에서 특정 물질(Silver Rakić, 1998)의 굴절률을 추가하는 방법은 무엇인가요?