Why my T value is larger than 1



I am working on the simulation of transmission holes. I followed the example sp_array and played with the parameters. I got a resonance peak. However the T value is about 3. Should it be smaller than 1? Since T is a normalized value? I uploaded the file below. Does anyone have any ideasample3.fsp (1.2 MB)
what’s wrong with my design? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


I solved typical problems in your simulation file:
sample3-mod.fsp (778.5 KB)



Hi Dezyani,

Thanks for your help. I saw that you modified the position of the source and added two monitors. Is that all you did? Will this affect the result a lot? Thanks.

Yangyang Zhao


The position of the source has a little change on fields.
Only I wanted to see the reflectance.



For future reference, this problem is solved here.