Why is the output of my Plasmonic Solar Cell zero?

Here is a photo of my simulation

Here is a photo my my results

Here is the simulation file.
Project.fsp (275.1 KB)

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Hi @ahmed.hesham.elsaeed,

I’ve downloaded and looked into your project file. I had adjusted a couple things as below:

  • increased the size of the FDTD span in z-axis as 2,000 nm (larger than the max. wavelength) to effectively absorb the EM fields at the PML boundaries
  • enlarged the size of the Si substrate to encompass the FDTD region in z axis (bottom side) to reduce the unwanted interference effect in the air space between Si substrate and bottom of FDTD region
  • set the location of Ag NPs in xy plane as (0,0)
  • disabled the override mesh (mesh_space) at the interface between Ag NPs and Si substrate to reduce the simulation time
  • translated the 2D monitors (R and T), plane-wave source, and override meshs in downward z-axis
  • applied the periodic boundary conditions (PBCs) instead of PMLs, considering 3 X 3 Ag NPs array

This is the transmittance result from the T monitor.

I attached the revised project file.
Project_v2.fsp (275.8 KB)

I hope this could be a helpful guideline for you.


Thank you so much!
It was really helpful.

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Hi @ahmed.hesham.elsaeed,

I’m glad to hear that it helped you out. :grin: If you have any inquiries regarding this plasmonic structures, please feel free to let me know.


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Actually yes, I am stuck with something here: Calculating scattering in a Plasmonic solar cell
It would be highly appreciated if you could help.
So many thanks :blush:

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