Why is the field magnitude so high when I visualize the mode fields?


in EME solver, when we select the mode in User Select, the peak of the mode field is normalized such that the field amplitude is equal to 1, like the screenshot below. (This is also the case in User Select in the FDE solver, as well as the mode source and mode expansion monitor in FDTD or var FDTD solver.)

However, when the same mode field is visualized by clicking the Visualize Data button, the field amplitude now becomes so high, like this screenshot below. The reason is because now the E and H fields are normalized in a way that the integration of the poynting vector (E cross H) is equal to approximately 1 Watt, which is the value of Pmatrix. For more info about Pmatrix, please visit this KB page

meaning of the matrix of Pmatrix in EME cell