While sweeping some data points are not converging in Device (error code: 9002)

I am trying to find out the the eqe of solar cell. In this respect, I swiped the lambda index parameter in device, however at points (wavelength around 600 nm), the charge solver was not converging, Will someone help me in that respect.

The error code is 9002 and it is saying that electrostatic potential was failed to update. I am attaching my whole simulation file (FDTD and Device in this respect)

(i.e: I am following the procedures that is suggested by @aalam in the “finding EQE of solar cell post” and I already updated the solver to newton and enable fast convergences in advance tab of Device, I disabled the Generation file and sweep parameter lambda, I hope you will found the procedure in following the example
Solar cell)

Drive folder:
Thanks in advance

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this file has the similar kind of error… Will anyone please solve it?

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Hi @Uday, I ran both your DEVICE project files, Ideal.ldev and new.ldev. Both ran fine for me. Are you using the latest version of DEVICE? If not then I would recommend upgrading to latest one because it could be an issue with the older version that has been fixed already. You can download the latest version from here: https://www.lumerical.com/downloads/customer.html.

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First of all, sorry for late reply.
Thanks @aalam for ur help. Actually in 2016 version, “electrostatic potential is not converging (error: 9002)” is showing. In that respect, I will try to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.