Which parameter should I choose in sweep editing window

I’m using EME solver to get S-parameter in MODE solution, and I want to extract S- parameter in different location.Uploading…
As shown in the upper diagram, I want to get S-parameter from port 2 in different X axis value, So which parameter should I choose in the sweep editing window, EME/Properties/number of cell groups ?

Thank you very much!

Sorry, the first diagram is below
Thank you very much!

Hi @qi.han.1,

If you just want to sweep over the position of Port2 (that is equivalent to the length of the last cell group), you can simply do a propagation sweep from the EME analysis window:

Using the parameter sweep tool will be less straightforward:

  • The positions of each cell group is stored in vectors (“start” and “stop” in the EME solver define the start and stop positions of each group ). You would need to use a structure group create a variable to set the last value of “stop” to the desired position. Note you can use the root of the object tree “model” to do that.
  • By using a parameter sweep, you will recalculate the modes for each value of the sweep. This is not the case of the Propagation sweep in the analysis window, as we only sweep over the propagation length.

I hope this will help.