Where are my monitors, sources, mesh, and doping regions?



As of the 2016a release (DEVICE 5.0), there are some changes to the GUI.

The DEVICE design environment has changed to support multiple physical solvers within the same project. Monitors, sources, mesh constraints, and doping objects are now associated directly with the solver in the model tree and will appear under the solver. The associated solver must be present in the design environment before those objects can be added.

Also, Container Groups now will also appear under the solver. Groups now can contain monitors, sources, mesh and doping region, but do not contain structures anymore.

Opening previously saved simulation files with DEVICE 5.0:

  • Structures that were contained by a Group should now be contained by a Structure Group
  • Mesh, monitors, sources, doping regions previously contained by a Group, should now also be contained by a Group that appears under the solver.

When setting parameters or getting data from these objects, there are some script updates required, e.g.,

For more information about the new 2016a DEVICE features, please visit the New features sheet for 2016a