When I try to measure the transmission of a dipole source, it is sometimes greater than 1?


I place a dipole source in a slab and wanted to measure how much light is able to get out of the slab by right clicking a power monitor above the slab to visualize T. However, some wavelengths have greater than 1 transmission. There is no gain, how is this possible?

How to measure power radiated by a dipole in a dispersive, lossy medium?
Collection property calculation

When you right click on the power monitor and visualize T, the transmission is normalized to sourcepower command by default. However, the sourcepower is not necessarily the power radiated by the dipole source when there are inhomogeneous media (in order words, the purcel factor is not equal to 1). If this is the case, you will need to re-normalize the transmission to the dipolepower command, i.e.,