What’s the meaning of the “Mean” operation in INTERCONNECT sweep?


I am trying to plot a Light vs. Current plot for the laser. I want to get the power from the Oscilloscope. In the sweep, there is an option to find the “Mean” of the OOSC_1::mode waveform in the Operation setting. However, it doesn’t seem to do this. The vector current is length 10 (= number of sweep points), but the vector power is (25001,1), rather than 10. What’s the meaning of the “Mean” option for the operation? And how could I get the mean Light power value for each of the current point?


Hi @ahan

Thank you for your post. The “Mean” function does the mean for the sweep rather than the result itself (which means it calculates the mean of the 10 sweeps, but not the mean of the waveform). The way-around this is to add a result which is the mean of the waveform in the Root Element and then sweep this result. Please refer to the KX post “Can I define an arbitrary figure-of-merit (FOM) for optimization” for how to add a new result. You could use the “mean” script command to calculate for the mean of the waveform.

I hope this could help. Happy Lunar New Year!!! :slightly_smiling: