What is the unit of angle in FDTD visualizer



I‘m trying to calculate the phase of reflection of a waveguide bragg grating. Below is the result obtained from the embedded operation(angle) of FDTD visualizer. It seems that the unit is unclear. Does anyone know something about it?
Thank you!

Measuring the reflected phase with respect to wavelength
Observation of Negative Phase Evolution in Photonic Crystals

It looks like your graph has angle in degrees on the y-axis and wavelength in meters on the x-axis.


Thank you for reaching out jialin_jiang. The unit for Angle in Attributes section of Visualizer is in “radian”.The embedded Angle uses unwrap function, please look here for more information about this function, to remove discontinuities in the phase domain. Please note that Scalar operation->Angle in Attributes should not be confused with the angle command in scripting. In short, embedded Angle uses unwrap(angle(Ex)) function internally and the unit is in radian.

Phase discontinuity

Thanks for your answer.


Thank you very much! It solves my problem.