What is the unit for contact current in DEVICE?



The DEVICE solver reports the contact current in units of Ampere (Amp). In the case of a 3D simulation this is expected since the current is for the entire device and one would expect the current value to be the actual current flowing through the device. However, in case of 2D simulations it is normal to expect that the current value will be in terms of A/m (Amperes per meter) or A/cm (Amperes per centimeter). However, even in 2D simulations, DEVICE reports the contact current in Amperes. This is done buy assuming that the device has a length equal to “norm length” (normalization length) along the third dimension. The reported current value thus has a unit of Amp and is for a 3D device with a width equal to “norm length.” The parameter “norm length” can be defined from the edit properties window of the “Device region.”

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