What is the correct usage for setplot's "legend position"?

I am trying to find a better position for my legend when creating a plot from MODE. Since there is no documentation on the legend position command within setplot, I have experimented and determined that the correct form is setplot(“legend position”, int); where int can be any integer (I tried 1-12). However, only some integers seem to move the legend and none move it to the upper left corner like I want. Can you please help me understand how to move the legend to the upper left corner?

Hi. The “legend position” option allows value from 0 to 8 to place the legend in one of 9 locations in the plot. The only option you missed (0) would have put the legend in the top-left corner of the plot. Below is a plot that shows the 9 location of the legend.

Command: setplot("legend position",6);