weird peaks in the nonorm free space simulation

I was simulating a plane wave source with frequency 375 THz (800 nm), pulselength 100 fs in free space under no normalization condition.

The power transmitted through the 2D monitor is obtained by the script as below

f = getdata(“monitor”, “f”);

Ty = -0.5*integrate(real(Py),[1,3],x,z);

Tyy = matrixdataset(“T”);


The results appears several weird peaks apart from the 800 nm peaks, which is obviously incorrect.

However, the spectrum in the time monitor look completely fine

Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Thanks for any help.

Hi @chaulwong5-c

I run a simulation file with parameters that you mentioned, and my result is as expected. Maybe check the injected light profile and make sure that it is set properly. Also, feel free to share your simulation file for a review.


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After I increase the min sampling per cycle of the monitor, the wired peaks are smoothed out. I think I’ve fixed the problem. Thank for your reply.

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