Webinar: November 10th & 12th: Oblique Incident Angle Analysis with BFAST



On November 10th and 12th, Lumerical will preview the Broadband Fixed Angle Source Technique (BFAST) feature coming to FDTD Solutions in the 2016a release.

BFAST, based on the split-field FDTD method, makes it possible to inject plane waves onto periodic structures with a constant angle, that does not change with frequency, over any bandwidth. This enables accurate broadband simulation of periodic structures under oblique illumination.

Follow the link to learn more and register: https://www.lumerical.com/support/video/bfast.html

Broadband Fixed Angle Source Technique (BFAST) beta testing feedback

The archived webinar video and slides from our recent BFAST webinar are now available on the Lumerical site at https://www.lumerical.com/support/video/bfast.html