Webinar: March 29th & 30th : Thermal Sensing and Microbolometers with Metamaterial Absorbers

Microbolometers with metamaterial absorbers have attracted significant interest as a way of achieving spectral selectivity as well as tunability. For these applications, optical simulations are very useful for providing insight into the absorption mechanism of these complex nanostructures. In addition to the optical absorption, the photothermal effect after optical absorption also needs to be considered.

In this webinar, we will cover the optical and thermal simulation methodology for metamaterial absorbers using practical application examples, including:

A plasmonic metamaterial absorber
Metamaterial-based microbolometers
A tunable graphene metamaterial absorber

Learn more and register here: https://www.lumerical.com/support/webinar/microbolometers.html

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Do you have a recording of this webinar available?


You can find the slides and the video here: https://www.lumerical.com/support/video/microbolometers_webinar.html