Webinar: December 9th & 10th: Thermally Tuned Waveguide Design and Analysis



Join us on December 9th/10th/11th (depending on timezone) for our latest webinar. Lumerical’s 2016a release brings thermal analysis to the Lumerical simulation tool portfolio. Join us for an introduction to the new heat transport solver in DEVICE.

This webinar will focus on the simulation and analysis methodology for a thermally tuned waveguide. Using the new heat transport solver in DEVICE, the temperature profile for a waveguide will be simulated. The result of the heat transport simulation is imported into Lumerical’s optical solvers to characterize the optical response, including changes to the effective index, phase, and loss.



The archived webinar video and slides are now available on our website at https://www.lumerical.com/support/video/thermal_waveguide.html