wavelength mismatches

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I’m new to Interconnect, I’ve been using it for a few weeks and there are some issues that I don’t quite understand, maybe you could help me.

-The first one, I don´t understand why some wavelength mismatches appear in the optical spectra when I use a phase shifter (see file: AM+180 and the output of the osa 3 in the figure with the same name). I’d like to cancel the carrier component creating a destructive interference, but with that frequency shift that is introduced, I’m not sure if it is going to work as expected. I’ve also seen the unexpected wavelength shift when using PM modulation (see file: AM+PM and the output of the osa 3 in the figure with the same name). To simulate a difference of optical paths of 180 degrees, what is better to use a phase shifter or an optical delay?AM 180.icp (1.4 MB)
AM PM.icp (3.9 MB)

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Hi @Anna,

The peaks of the spectra are basically aligned (with slight numerical error/artificial shifts); and if you further zoom in the figure, you can see the x axis label is practically the same.

The 180 degree phase shifter and the optical delay line can both achieve the purpose of phase shifting, however if you want to simulate the effect of an optical path, I recommend to use the delay line since the phase shifter only changes the phase while adds no delay along the path.

I hope this could help. Let me know if you have further problems. :slight_smile:

Hi Guanhui,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Now it´s clear :slight_smile:

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