Wavefront measurement from a microcavity

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in observing the aberrations of the emission coming from a cavity coupled dipole. I’m wondering if my approach to measuring the wavefront is reasonable.

Im using the farfield3d script to measure the field at the location just below the substrate using the monitor i’ve placed just above the DBR layers. I would then measure the wavefront by finding the angle of the electric field generated by the farfield3d script.

Many Thanks

Zhin Mai

Hello @zhin.mai,

I would recommend that you consider using the farfieldexact or farfieldexact3d commands rather than farfield3d for this. The farfield3d command will project the fields to a hemisphere with a radius of 1 m, but the farfieldexact commands can project the fields onto a different surface at an arbitrary distance in the far or intermediate field. This page has some more information about this:

Please let me know if you have any questions.