Watching video from movie monitor while the simulation is running

Tip: When you run a simulation with movie monitor, the related *.mpg video file is created the moment you start your simulation and as the simulation progresses, data is added to the file in a continuous stream. This means that it is possible to watch the recorded data from the completed portion of the simulation while the simulation is still running. To my knowledge, this can be done for example with VLC player. To make it work, simply install VLC and open the video file once it is created by the running simulation. The playback will be interrupted when you approach the end of the data available at given moment.

This can be useful if you run long simulation and you are interested only in certain portion of the time domain data from the movie monitor. You can simply watch the video and manually stop the simulation once you have acquired the data you needed.

Do you know about other players that can play incomplete video files? Let us know.