Want to have mesh override in a shell (not a boxed) region. Is this possible?




I am attempting to compute accurate electric field enhancement values very close to the surface of a nanoparticle (between 1 - 3 nm from the surface), but the nanoparticle itself has a side length of ~ 120 nm. In order to accurately resolve the the edges of my nanoparticle’s shape (in this case a cube) I want to use a mesh override region with mesh cells that are <= 0.5 nm. This is proving challenging because the in order to achieve this, it seems to me, that I need to use this small mesh size over the entire interior of the cube, which makes the memory requirements for the simulation quite large (~ 10 GB each for initialization & mesh, running simulation, and data collection).

Is there a way that I can use a mesh override region in a small volume close to the cube’s surface, but then use a larger mesh size again in the interior, where I don’t care about finely resolved fields? Are there any other ways I should be approaching this problem?

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions.


I think you can use script to do this.
First set the background mesh ( the mesh order )in the setting of FDTD.
Then use script command (like for set copy )to put small pieces of the mesh to the position on both side near the interface.


Without looking at the actual structure, I am not sure if it is possible. Would you mind sharing your file or a schematic so we can have a better understanding of your design?