Volume plasmon simulation

I want to simulate a basic hyperbolic meta-material.It is basically an alternate layer of metal and die-electric,like the one depicted in Experimental demonstration of surface and bulk plasmon polaritons in hypergratings.pdf (1.5 MB)
this paper.Here in each interface of metal and dielectric there exists a SPP(surface Plasmon Polariton which has been excited by hypergrating of PMMA and silver) mode which couples BPP(Bulk Plasmon Polariton) mode in the entire structure. As a result,there has been 3 extra minima around 700 nm,1000 nm and 2000 nm.
I have go through the knowladge base plasmonics part and Component Tools Reference Guide.In application part I don’t find any plasmonics application using grating coupler technique(only prism coupling,in graphene).So can I simulate a grating coupled device which supports BPP and SPP modes.


Thank you for your providing information to us. There are few comments I have after skimming through the paper.

For multi-layer stack simulations, you can probably make use of our 1D stackrt and stackfield solvers. It will allow you to simulate these devices with plane wave illumination significantly faster than running an FDTD simulation.

As far as grating simulations, you can probably take a look at this example which has some plasmonic effects being simulated. FDTD is a Maxwell’s equations solver, it will be able to take the effects into account if the effects can be described by solving Maxwell’s equations. Down the road, if you need to simulate metamaterial devices and extract the effective bulk properties, you can take a look at the metametarial section which discusses some approaches for this type calculations.

I guess this will be the beginning of the discussions. If you have follow up questions related to this topic, please reply this post.