Voltage boundary condition for FDTD

In this link I found that DEVICE seems to support defining a voltage boundary. I wonder if FDTD also supports this feature. If so, could you tell me how to do that?

Thank you.

Hi, Wentao

the voltage boudary is applied to in the Charge Transport, when studying heat transfer in DEVICE.
To link the results obtained in DEVICE with FDTD simulation there are several ways.
See, for example, https://kb.lumerical.com/en/schematic_analysis_interoperability_lumerical.html

Hi @w65yang, the voltage boundary condition in DEVICE is used to create a potential difference between two points in an electrical simulation. Can you please tell us what the purpose of the “voltage boundary” will be in your FDTD simulation? If you can tell us about the application or the physical effect that you would like to model then may be we can offer some suggestion as to how you can define that in your FDTD setup.

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