Visualizing charge tunneling through insulators

I have a new question.
Can Band structure monitor show chaganing as result of tunneling process?
For example, if we add 1 nm SiO2 layer in p-n junction. At the moment I can’t find not null result for this case (I used 2 different variants of design,files arepn_diode_SiO2.ldev (1.8 MB)
pn_junction_SiO2.ldev (6.0 MB)

Hi @alexander.fedorovski, The CHARGE solver cannot model quantum tunneling through potential barriers (we do have a way to model tunnel currents at Schottky contacts formed at metal-semiconductor interfaces but that is a different problem). I have looked at both of your files and unfortunately the CHARGE solver will not be able to simulate the current through these devices because it will not be able to model the tunneling current through the SiO2 layer.