Visualizer export to text (txt) format returns "there is an error with the data!"

Thank you @bkhanaliloo,

It helped a lot. I am trying to save the data by clicking export to… on visualizer window and choosing text, however it gives me an error message. “there is an error with the data!”. Can it be because of the trial version? Because I tried it on my laptop and it worked.

The error during plot data export to txt format is a known bug and it should be fixed in the latest version of Lumerical tools. Simply update your FDTD and it should work.

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Dear mbenes,
same problem in Lumerical mode solution in new version, kindly let me
with many many thanks

We have tested the latest version of MODE (2017R4 7.9.1102) and it works as expected.

You can download the latest version here:

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Thank you very much I updated the software and working very well…