Vector plot for circular polarization



I am having a problem visualizing vector plots. No matter how small my mesh is, it always gives me 10 planes to plot vector. Then if I increase downsample Nz, it gives me again 10 points, but showing smaller and smaller part of a monitor.
E.g. in the first image by default it shows 10 planes in z direction, and then I switch it to 15, but it deletes one part.
Also, what parameters to increase to get this nice plot in the example? The file does not contain any mesh at all.

Vector plot
Down sample problem

Hi @emilija.petronijevic

Sorry for any inconvenience. This seems to be a visualizer bug in new release. I have reported it to our team and hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Thank you!


Dear @emilija.petronijevic

I tried to come up with a workaround on this post while we are waiting for a permanent fix.

Sorry again for any inconvenience.



Dear @emilija.petronijevic

Thank you for your patience.

This bug is fixed in the latest Beta release and is available for download. There might be some other visualizer bugs (in the beta version) which we are still working to fix them. A more stable version will be ready in the upcoming weeks.

We had a great push on fixing many reported bugs, thanks to our R&D and developers.