Variable types and corresponding icons



Lumerical supports several different types of variables which can contain data in different forms. Available data types are:

  1. Strings which contain text data.

  2. Matrices with elements containing numbers.

  3. Cell arrays with elements containing any data type (eg. string, matrix, dataset, or a combination).
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  4. Structs which are unstructured containers with elements that can contain any data type. Unlike cell arrays, elements are named, so they can be referred to by name rather than by element number.
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  5. Datasets which are structured data objects that collect a set of related matrices into one object, such as properties with their associated attributes (eg. a matrix containing reflection for different wavelengths, and a vector of the corresponding wavelengths). This is typically the form of the data which is returned as results by monitors.

Depending on the type of property contained the dataset, they are characterized as matrix, rectilinear, or unstructured type datasets
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In the Result View window or Script Workspace window, you can identify the type of variable is by looking at the icon next to the variable name:

Error running nested sweep - individual results could no be concatenated
Data format for 2D temperature monitor
변수 유형과 이에 상응하는 아이콘