VarFDTD Monitors

When looking at the results of using the varFDTD solver and a frequency domain field and power monitor, I am given the choice of visualizing E H or P or another option of E, H, P expanded along z. I can’t find documentation describing the difference between these choices. How would I use them?

Hi @rabinovich
Monitors are used to measure the optical field quantities, both E and H, at the chosen locations. Since FDTD simulations are in the time domain, the fundamental monitor is the time-domain monitor.However it is useful to calculate the frequency response of the device and to normalize this response relative to the launched power density. The result is a frequency-domain field profile monitor.
FDTD simulates the propagation of a pulse of light which contains a broad spectrum of wavelength components. The system’s response to this short pulse is related to the transmission spectrum via the Fourier transform.Thus, a single simulation provides the response of the optical system for a wide range of wavelengths at once.
Here you can find information about the usage of varFDTD and monitors

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Thanks you, but specifically I was wondering what the difference between “expanded along z” was?