Vanadium Dioxide (VO2) Adding Problem

Hi all,
I want to use vanadium dioxide (VO2) in my ring resonator design. However, I could not find VO2 in Lumerical material database. I try to add this material but I could not find exactly properties of VO2. I found articles that used Lumerical in their VO2 design.
Does anyone know, where can I find VO2 properties?

Dear @e227058

Unfortunately we do not have vanadium dioxide as one of built in materials. Therefore, you will need to import this data.

I didn’t have access to the pdf file of the paper linked below, but it seems promising and you might get the values you are looking for:

One you got the values (real and imaginary part of index as a function of wavelength) then you can import the data as sampled 3d data. These pages might be of interest for your review: