Using Lumerical's API on Mac OS X

When using Lumerical’s inter product API on Mac OS X, we have to define or set the PATH or location of the Lumerical applications in the Mac OS shell as follows:

System wide application - applying the path to all users (requires root/admin access)

Open a Terminal window and run the command;
sudo vim /etc/paths

Your paths file should look like this;


Add the following at the end of the file;
/Applications/Lumerical/FDTD Solutions/FDTD
/Applications/Lumerical/MODE Solutions/MODE

Running Lumerical Photonic Design Software

  • Run the Lumerical product application from a Terminal window. (This will not work if you run the application from Finder, Launcher or Dock)
    fdtd-solutions &
    mode-solutions &
    device &
    interconnect &
  • You can now open another Lumerical product from within the application;

Current user application - applying the path to your user profile
Refer to the link - Use API to call other programs
Use API to call other programs