Using lmgrd on Ubuntu systems



Using lmgrd instead of the default lmadmin to run FlexNet license manager on Ubuntu Systems is shown here:

  • Omit creating /etc/init/lumlmadmin.conf file to run the license manager automatically on startup.

  • Make sure that lmadmin has not started.
    sudo /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/etc/lumlmadmin stop
    Either of the 2 confirmations will appear:
    Shutting down License Manager Daemon: [OK] or
    Shutting down License Manager Daemon: [FAILED]

  • Remove lmadmin from being loaded on startup.
    sudo update-rc.d -f lumlmadmin remove
    sudo rm /etc/init.d/lumlmadmin

  • Copy the license file provided by Lumerical to the installation directory of Lumerical’s FlexNet license manager.
    sudo cp /<saved_folder>/license_file.lic /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/

  • Edit the license file to include the ports you want the license manager to use (default ports shown):

SERVER [Host_Name] [MAC_Address] 27011

  • Run the license manager using lmgrd.
    sudo /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/lmgrd -c /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/license_file.lic -log /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/logs/lmgrd.log

  • -log option will create the log file lmgrd.log

  • View the available licenses.
    /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/lmutil lmstat -a -i

More details on using lmgrd here,