Updates to Knowledge Base


You will notice two significant changes to the Knowledge Base (KB) after the 2019a product release in November 2018.

  1. Examples moved to the Application Gallery
    All application examples have been moved from the Knowledge Base (KB) to the new Application Gallery (apps). Learn more in the New Application Gallery post. Existing examples are being upgraded and migrated into the new example template, which incorporates customer feedback such as requests to better document the simulation workflow.

  2. New site skin
    The new site skin resolves a number of usability issues with the old KB. The new skin is responsive, meaning it works much better on mobile devices. The behavior of the table of contents is also much improved; it no longer disappears unexpectedly. Finally, the page URL in the browser changes normally each time you go to a new page, making it easier to copy links.


Hi Ckopetski,

The new KB design seems not as good as the previous one, especially the “Search” function.
I faced to the URL error “Sorry, page not found.” many times when tried to follow the URL links of searching results, that almost not happened with the previous KB.
Please kindly check that, thanks a lot.



Thanks for the feedback.
We’re trying to get the link https://kb.lumerical.com working right now. I expect it will be fixed shortly. [UPDATE] The link https://kb.lumerical.com is now working.

[UPDATE 2] The site search should be working properly. However, it may take search engines a while to re-index the site.

Sorry for any hassles created by the recent changes.


Thanks Ckopetski, but the issue is still there:

I tried to search “access control”, and the first entry of the result is:

The URL also redirected me to the error page.

Could you please kindly check that?



As part of this update, I think a number of pages were renamed. We’ve setup automatic redirects for a lot of the most popular pages, but that clearly wasn’t done for this page. I’ll get a redirect added for this page. In the longer term, this type of issue will be automatically resolved as the site is re-indexed by search engines.
[UPDATE]: Redirects have been added.

In the mean time, you can find the content here: https://kb.lumerical.com/en/install_flexnet_adv-options-file.html


Understood and thanks very much for working on that.