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Dear Lumerical team,
I want to update the Lumerical mode software. In my computer I have the old version with licence, now I have to uninstall the software and again install or we can install without uninstall by overwriting??

Kindly let me the procedure.

with many many thanks



You can update the Product Application like MODE or FDTD by just installing the newer version using the default installation process for supported operating system as shown from or Installation Manual:

  • The default installation process, using the installer executable or the install script, will automatically remove the previous version and install the new version.
  • The upgrade will not affect any existing license activated on the machine.

For Floating licenses: If you are upgrading to 2017 versions, please update FlexNet license manager to the latest version available on our website:

Hope this helps!

  • Lito


Thank you very much …