Unknown parallel error, the error code is 108 (DEVICE)

Dear Lumerical Support Team,

I’m looking for your kind assistance regarding this issue
Actually, this is my first time designing a component in DEVICE. So I am not completely aware of all features and nuances. I tried to simulate self-designed circuit using heat transport solver, however the simulation every time stops at tesselation process and doesn’t go further (waited for half an hour). Also, sometimes it gives errors with code 108:
The program terminated due to an error: Failed to generate initial tesselation.
Error: there was an unknown parallel error. The error code is 108, the process number is 0.
I actually googled what this error code stands for but didn’t find anything relevant. Here is the simulation file: Circuit1_thermal.ldev (6.2 MB)

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Hi @dias.azhigulov

I spend a few hours to resolve the issue but it was not successful. I will need to discuss it further with our R&D to see if they have any other ideas to try.

A few things that you can improve in your simulation file:

  1. remove “preserve surfaces” so that there are fewer domains in the heater structure.
  2. Remove the contact1(in) and heater geometry mismatch

I also encourage you to review the application examples in the links below:
Error message: Attempting to re-insert same face
Thermal Switch example

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