Understanding the resource configuration 'Run Test' results

Understanding the Resource configuration Run Test results

The Run Tests feature in the Resource Configuration is supported for the following job launching presets:


  • Local Computer
  • Remote: Microsoft MPI
  • Remote: MPICH2
  • Remote: Intel MPI

Linux and macOS:

  • Local Computer
  • Remote: MPICH2


When using Custom or your own installation of MPI other than the ones that came with our installation package, the Run Test feature will not work and will always report an error.
But you can still run your simulations using your own MPI variant with the correct path on the resource advanced options.

Set the job launching preset to any of the 4 supplied job launching preset and save the settings to use the Run Test feature.

The tests may generate the following:

Test completed successfully

Indicating that the MPI used is working.

Installation test failed: invalid MPI path

This indicates that the MPI used as the job launching preset is not installed on the local machine or cannot be found on the default location.

To resolve this, make sure that the MPI is installed on your machine and using the default installation path.

Product version mismatch

This indicates that the version on your local machine is different with the one installed on the remote host (other machine). Hovering the mouse on the error message, shows the installed version on the other machine.

To resolve this, install the same versions on all the client machines you want to run your simulations.

Timeout: CPI test failed: timeout

Timeout error may indicating that the other machine did not respond or your machine was not able to connect with the other machine or the other machine is running on a different operating system.

To resolve this, make that these machines are connected to the same network, have the right access or permission to connect or communicate with each other and are running the same operating system.

Installation test failed: Invalid MPI path

Unable to connect to host

To resolve the above errors, please make sure that you have the MPI being used installed on your machine. If they are found in your Control Panel > Programs and Features, try to uninstall them and reinstall them manually as shown from here: MPI not installed on the local machine

License not configured

To resolve this error, Login to the ‘Host’ computer, then run the License configuration utility. Set according to your license server’s Host/IP and port used. Select “Apply settings to my user account only”. Click OK, to save current settings. Open Configure license utility again. Select “Make these settings the system defaults” ( admin privilege required )


Alternatively, you can configure your license using the user and system preference .ini files. (Administrator privileges required)