Unable to simulate any thing



Unable to simulate any thing because of Some options are disabled like Source,Analysis, Monitor and EME ports in Mode solution.

Still I am unable to get the enabled options in Mode solution


Kindly provide screenshot of the error? If possible, the simulation file that you are having issues with?



same problem has been raised. I didn’t get any enabled options (like source,analyser,monitors…) in mode solution. Plz chk the attached screenshot.

Sonali (@spdash)

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I installed mode solution in trial version. But some options are still disabled like source,monitors,analyzers… Without these options how should I simulate any thing?

Plz chk the screenshot for your reference.



I have combined your posts into one since its the same issue.

From the screenshot - you cannot simulate since you have not defined your Solver/Simulation.

If you use EME you will get the following:

If you use varFDTD you will have different buttons enabled:

Hope this clarifies everything.

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Thank you so much


You are welcome. I will close this as resolved. :+1:

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