Unable to run solar generation analysis

We are attempting to extract the solar generation analysis data from a plasmonic solar cell simulation (FSP File: p.fsp (258.2 KB)). We wish to increase the number of particles and obtain generation data from each and then use DEVICE (CHARGE) to calculate short circuit current density.
However, even though the simulation runs smoothly, the solar generation analysis does not run and terminates with the following message ‘The simulation will close due to insufficient memory.’ The simulation memory requirements showed that we needed approximately 4 GB of memory; however we have 16 GBs of memory on board. We have tried decreasing the simulation region and increasing the mesh size, but to no avail.
Any help to resolve this issue will be appreciated, as we need the generation data to calculate Jsc.


The memory requirement for running the analysis script can be larger than the one reported for the simulation (Check simulation and memory requirements) because of the operations required to process the data. Since you are using a 3D monitor, the required memory can increase very quickly. One option for reducing the memory requirement is to use spatial down sampling:

Also, if possible, you can reduce the size of the analysis group.

Some additional comments:

  • I noticed that you are using PML boundaries in the x and y directions. Since the source is a regular plane wave you will end up with a finite source affected by edge effects, as explained here. If you are planning to use more particles and these form a periodic array it might be more appropriate to use periodic boundaries and only simulate one unit cell.
  • You can use symmetric/antisymmetric boundaries to reduce the memory required for the simulation.
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