Unable to run simulations in a cluster

Dear colleagues,

Recently the department where I work has purchased a Lumerical’s Floating License, which it allows the installation of the software in multiple computers, but just one can opens and runs the program per time. As the structures that I intend to simulate consumes a great amount of memory from my desktop, we have an available cluster in the lab that save us time during the compilation of the programs. This cluster is the host of license file. I can open and run Lumerical’s programs on my personal desktop, however, I can not do the same at the cluster, because when I submit the script file to the cluster, there is an error message that informs me that “_it could not connect to license server system (FlexNet licensing error: -15). The license server manager has not been started yet, the wrong port@host or license file is being used, or the port hostname in the license file has been changed”

Does someone could help me with this issue?
Thank you very much

Hi Otavio,
You might need assistance from your IT department to configure the FDTD solutions installed on your cluster to get or access the license manager where you are getting the license. we have the article on our KB in setting up FDTD solutions on a cluster.

For product license configuration without the graphical interface on your cluster nodes, we have the following article using the product preference file.