unable to modify circuit connections after running simulation

I am running a 30 day trial version of INTERCONNECT 6.5.1057 (2017a) on a standalone pc running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

i can create optical circuits and run simulations just fine. I can do multiple runs if I want to change parameters of the components in the circuit.

However, if I attempt to then modify a connection between two components, I can see the cursor change to “+” on the end points but no line is drawn. there is no error message - just the line is not drawn. My current operating procedure is to exit and restart a completely new session each time I want to make a circuit change. This is giving me great practice in using the tool but a little wearisome.

I was thinking of reinstalling INTERCONNECT to see if solved the problem but wondering if this would cause problems with my trial license. Any suggestions on either the inability to create circuits after running a simulation or on reinstall would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @chris.look,

What you saw is a bug in the new release of INTERCONNECT. We’ve fixed this bug and you could expect it to be available online shortly. That’s being said that, re-installing INTERCONNECT (the same version) won’t fix it, so you probably don’t want to do that until the software is updated. The best solution for now is to go back to the previous version of INTERCONNECT, 2017a R1, and you can find it in the download page, by selecting the “Previous release”.

We are sorry about this and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will update with you the timeline about when you can get the update in a follow up post.

Best regards,

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thanks for the quick response! it has saved my sanity. I will go back one release and wait for the update. Again, appreciated the quick and useful response! Chris