unable to activate the licence



I failed to activate a trial licence. It shows “unkown,disalbed” in status. For detailed information,please see the picture attached. Thank you very much!




Are you trying to Deactivate License and transferring to another computer? The License goes to Unknow or disabled status when deactivation process failed.



The interconncet can work but my FDTD does not work. So i deactivated the license and activated it again.But it still can not work.



Hi @qi.han.1
Is there any error number that is appeared when you click on FDTD solutions ?



Based on the screen shot, your license has become Unknown or Disabled. You can verify the license details by clicking on the “View Details” Button as discussed here:

This will show if FDTD Solustions is included in this license that is now Unknown/Disabled. If you are able to access INTERCONNECT but not FDTD, you might have another license for INTERCONNECT which is not part of this license that has become Unknown/Disabled.


Thank you very much!
I have knowm the problem. My license is only for interconnect.