I simulated the gain spectrum of my RSOA which also I measured in lab.

Both look very different example bandwidth of the spectrum, gain ripple, ripple spacing.

Ideally, I need to match my experimental and simulated.

Not sure which parameter should change to match both the spectrum.

Any suggestion please

RSOA_circuit.icp (1.0 MB)


Hi @praveen.singaravelu,

Is the figure on the bottom the experimental result that you want to reproduce in INTERCONNECT?


Hi Wang,

Many thanks for your mail.
Yes, Exactly I am trying to reproduce my measured spectrum.



Hi @praveen.singaravelu,

To match up to the experimental result, you will need to match up the settings of the TW Laser Model with what you had in the experiment/lab. Please try to feed in the parameters to the TWLM model as much as you can and see how the result matches. I will help you from there.



Is that possible to load the measured gain spectrum into TWLM?

If yes, where is that option available.



Hi @praveen.singaravelu,

Yes, you can provide a gain spectrum to the TWLM model. Here is a page that talks about the process: