Trusted storage vs license file


Trusted storage license

  • This type of license is based on a combination of the machine’s identities, from but not limited to the following: os, processor, ram, hard drive, and network mac id. These information are not submitted to Lumerical, rather they are stored as binary information (encrypted) in a secure location in the machine’s hard drive.

    This stored information (trusted storage) is audited regularly by the FlexNet license manager system if it has been tampered or altered. If the license manager finds that the trusted storage has been altered or tampered in anyway, then the license manager will mark the trusted storage information as Untrusted. The license associated to this Untrusted storage information cannot be used anymore.

  • The trusted storage license is activated using an activation code. We use an 8 digit activation code for our Node and Floating trusted storage license models.

  • This license type can be easily activated, transferred to another machine.

  • It does not require a certificate or a license file for activation.

  • The trusted storage license type is what Lumerical use for Trial and CUE program licenses.

  • Changes to any of the machine’s identities used by the trusted storage can affect and can break the license and make it Untrusted.

  • Lumerical’s trusted storage licenses will have a start feature on their FlexNet LM Dashboard.

    This feature is required to start the graphical license manager, lmadmin, on default installations of Lumerical’s FlexNet license manager.

    When shown on the dashboard, indicates that you have successfully installed Lumerical’s FlexNet license manager.

Please do not change or remove the start.lic license file!

Node trusted storage license
Floating trusted storage license
Protecting trusted storage license

Certificate-based or ‘License file’ based license

  • This type of license is locked to the machine’s network mac address. The machine’s network mac address has to be provided to Lumerical to be able to obtain a license using this license type.

  • The License File is always required for activation.

  • This type of license cannot be transferred from one machine to another. It will be locked to the current machine for the duration / validity of the license.

  • This license type is not affected by os, software or hardware changes. Only when the network mac address is changed or if the license file is used on a different machine then the license is unusable.

    Floating mac locked license
    Floating Triad redundant license

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