Trouble in configuring/activating trial license of FDTD on cluster



We are trying to setup the FDTD software on our cluster as a part of our research. We requested for the trail and obtained the installer files along with product license. We could install successfully but however we are facing issues in running a job on cluster. We are receiving errors regarding the license activation. We performed the license activation through online mode, but in our cluster only management node has internet access, rest of the compute nodes will not have internet access which is reason we are suspecting for the issue. Can someone please find the attached screenshot that contains the error , when we try to submit a simple job to our cluster and let us know how to proceed further to overcome the issue? As it looks like installation and configuration went fine, but license activation could be the issue?


Hi @saisandeep.kadiyala
I think that all the nodes should have internet access. Here you can find all the details and instructions about Running simulations on a cluster
Also, @lyap has already described in a previous topic the configurations about flexnet license manager installed on a cluster . Please check this topic


We have actually followed the instructions mentioned in the link provided by you. But the doc no where mentions about internet access mandatory for all the nodes.

We see there is an option saying offline activation of license in the documentation, will this serve our purpose?

Also our requirement is to set up FDTD on a cluster where simulations/tasks can be submitted as jobs by the scheduler which indeed run parallely across the compute nodes(no internet access as compute nodes are intended only for computations on any HPC cluster). So, does FDTD works on such a parallel environment?(we could see documentation saying “Running simulations on a cluster”. Isn’t this suitable for our requirement?)

Regarding users, it would be our secondary issue, as we would like to primarily check if at least single user is able to submit and run the jobs successfully.



Please take note requirements for trial / evaluation licenses from our KB page:

  • As you are using a Trial License, therefore all computers that will be running the software will need to have internet access, irregardless if they are part of the cluster or not.
  • Our software do support parallel computing and can be used in HPC clusters.
  • Do take note that you will need as many licenses as the number of nodes running the simulations. ie, running 5 simulations on 5 nodes will require 5 engine licenses.
  • The website trial license is not suitable for use on clusters since it is only good for 1 computer/node.
  • For cluster licenses, please email to request for a quote on the best license model to use on your cluster.


Hi Lyap,

Yes we did as per your suggestion and contacted your sales team. We got floating type license activated now. But we still see the same error.
One thing to mention is that the sales team suggested for a floating type license for our use case rather than taking multiple licenses and therefore we took it accordingly but still facing same issue.
How to proceed further?


Sorry about this. We have replied to your request on a separate email.

You should have receive the evaluation/trial license that should work on your cluster. Please activate the license on your cluster without internet connection, using the offline activation method: