trial license validity period

It supposes that trial license was from September 5 through December 23, 2016 as my professor told us. But, my license will be valid until 2016-10-16. So, what’s wrong? I need this trial license for my optoelectronics course. What do I suppose to do?

It seems that you have activated a Node Locked trial license which you downloaded from the Lumerical website with the following license details:

Welcome to your Lumerical Solutions product evaluation. The activation code for your NODE locked evaluation license is provided below. This license will allow you to run the software on one computer. Please follow the link below for detailed instructions.
Primary contact: ACCOUNT NAME
Product: MODE Solutions - Trial License, Quota: 1
Start date: 2016-09-14
End date: 2016-10-16*
Activation code: CODE

If you want to use your Professor or University’s license after your trial license has expired, please ask your Professor for the license manager information and setup your MODE Solutions license configuration as shown:

Another note:
If you are trying to access a workshop or CUE license, please ask your Professor for the Event ID for your workshop. And go to the link below and provide the Event ID.

You will be given a different license with its corresponding activation code which should be valid for the duration of the CUE workshop/event.