Trial license issue



I am trying to use Interconnect with Pyxis schematic from mentor graphics in order to design a photonic switch, but I am using a free trial license.
When it comes to simulate the system, it seems that the simulation is done but I received error saying "Error obtaining the license for netlist import."
In addition, the simulation could not create the required csv file needed for ezwave.
Does this problem related to the free license ?


Hi @d8151102

Thank you for your post. Regarding the problem you have, it is not an issue with the trial license. You need to add on an interoperability license if you want to use the co-design with Mentor Graphics. Please email to get an interoperability license for trial.

I hope this could help :slightly_smiling:


Hi Guanhui

Many thanks for your help!
I will contact them and I let you know.

Best regards,